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Many of the organisations I have worked with over the last thirty years have had control of enormous resources, but they have not been used to maximum effect, either for the people they employ, the people they serve, or the communities around them.  I believe that if an organisation, however small or large, is clear about its primary function, it can combine its own improvement with driving wider benefit to improve health, wealth and happiness much further afield.  If an organisation is prepared to turn itself inside-out, some of the apparent constraints such as money, capacity, or structure start to become more flexible.  

I have developed this personal approach gradually over many years of working with projects and organisations of every size from micro community initiatives to big complex public sector bodies, experimenting within the limits of my power to influence.  I try to apply ECLIPSE principles to everything I work with, and am fascinated by the potential of harnessing resources in new ways. 

In any organisation, if everybody working for or with us examines what they do and asks some questions to consider not only how they can do their job better and get closer to best, but also how any resources they have or control may be shared and used imaginatively for the benefit of others, we can create jobs, apprenticeships, volunteering, empowerment, aspiration, businesses, connections, opportunities, savings and much else.

Complexity heart
Debra in the office

ECLIPSE questions 

  • could what I do be done better - is it the best in the world?  How can my work get to number one?
  • are we using the best technology?
  • what would improve the experience of the people I am here to serve?
  • could what I do create jobs for local people?  For people further afield?
  • is there a way for me to raise aspirations for anybody else?
  • who could benefit from what I control?
  • how could I achieve what I want to do without using more money?
  • Is there a different type of organisation or group that could do some of what I do better?
  • who could I share my skills with?
  • how could I deliver what I do using less resource?
  • who or what could I connect with to add value to my work?
  • where can I look to find people who share my agenda?

One project which was seeded through ECLIPSE that has been really successful is the fabulous Therapeutic Support community of volunteers, led by the inspirational Debi McEwan  and now an important (and award-winning) community throughout the Trust.  @South_Tees_TCVs

If the idea of ECLIPSE interests you, perhaps there are some opportunities for projects in your organisation.

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