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Deborah Jenkins MBE, DL (known as Debba)

Deborah Jenkins MBE, DL (known as Debba)


My career has followed an unconventional path, from leaving school at 15 to play the piano and work in the theatre whilst studying for A-levels and getting a degree in French from Oxford University, through living and studying in Hungary and Germany in the early 1980s, to getting involved in leadership development and urban regeneration in the North East of England, and from there, beginning an apprenticeship in board and organisational leadership which has led me to many fascinating and demanding challenges, regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Throughout my life I have found that several themes have emerged which I have tried to weave through much of what I do.  These are what we are now aiming to promote as our Kindling Strands, to see whether others will join and interact with them.  


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